Karpos Kalos

Wisdom from above is . . . full of mercy and good fruits

"Karpos kalos" means, in Greek, "fruit good". I chose the term (but with English syntax!) for three reasons. First, at Lamb of God Church we have consistently relied on the passage in John 15 where Jesus calls on his disciples to abide in him and bear fruit. The adventure I'm beginning is in the context of the love and support being given to me by my community at Lamb of God, and I hope that what I am doing is fruit that honors them and glorifies God.

A second reason I chose the term is because in both Matthew and Luke Jesus talks about the kind of fruit we bear. I have wondered for a very long time whether the Big C Church is bearing good fruit - especially from the perspective of those who are not inside the Big C Church.

Which leads me to the third reason I chose Karpos Kalos. James 3:17 says "But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy." Paul says some very similar things in describing the fruit of the Spirit. I think that James' word to us is an excellent description of what both Christians and the Big C Church should be like. What if the Church were really known as a place where all its members lived in peace, gentleness, mutuality, mercy and good fruits? That the mind boggles at the thought is indication enough that the Church just isn't there - yet.

So many of us yearn for an authentic, integrated life lived out as passionate disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, the living Messiah. In our seeking, we must start with ourselves, of course - that "hypocrisy" part is important. What I am also looking for are others who desire the same wisdom, the same spirit - in our homes, our communities, our countries, and on this fragile earth, our island home. This journey in search of karpos kalos, both within and without, is one I've been on for a long time, yet begin anew each day.

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