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Why So Angry? - SERMON

Understanding our own anger may be the biggest step to peace we can take. Read the sermon here.

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From ME to WE - SERMON

How is a great church like a great marriage? In both, they do what God does: delight in the other. So simple! But what focus it takes! Read the sermon here.

If the movie clip in the document doesn't work, watch it here.

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God's Special Agents - SERMON

For all its many human failings, the Church was created to be a pretty awesome collection of folks, each one of them a special agent on a mission. What's the mission? To have all Creation crying "GLORY!" (We stodgy Episcopalians actually did that today, at the tops of our longs. It was a blast!) Read the sermon here.

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Bet Your Life? - SERMON

What if God is trying to get your attention by giving you signs? Would you notice? If you noticed, would you know what it meant? If you knew what it meant, would you bet your life on it? The Magi did. Their journey is a model for every journey into the unknown of faith. Read the sermon here.

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Pause. Notice. Wonder. - SERMON

Most people groan when a red light interrupts our Very Important Business. What if, this Advent, they became a time to let God break into our lives for just a moment? Read the sermon here. 

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Sitting in Darkness - SERMON

The First Sunday of Advent is about Hope - Hope that there is hope to be liberated from life's chaos. Today, I tell about my journey from sitting in darkness to finding the great light of hope that comes only from God. Read the sermon here.

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Labor Pains - SERMON

Baptism into the death and life of Jesus is a rebirth. With this birth, we can expect labor pains. Read the sermon here.

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Making the Best of the Worst-SERMON

Time and again in scripture, heroes of the faith are not people rolling in clover, but people who are making the best out of an impossibly terrible situation. It's an attitude more Christians could stand to adopt in our walk of discipleship. Read the sermon here.

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Going Out and Coming In - SERMON

Some people light up a room by coming into it, some people light it up by going out of it.

All are under the watchful, caring eye of God. A Church where Jesus is Lord is to be a place where everyone - even the ones we might find difficult to like or accept - is noticed, everyone is cared for, everyone thrives in God's love. Read the sermon here.

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Be Encouraged! Get Up! He is Calling YOU - SERMON

Are we going to resign ourselves to always using the ancient system of handling our problems through violence? No follower of Jesus should settle for that. We need to beg God for mercy and ask God to give us the courage necessary to change ourselves, our nations and our world to be people who actively, ardently, wage peace. Read the sermon here.

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Who gets to call the shots? Who gets the best seat? For disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, the answer is probably not "you do." Read the sermon here.

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I Am the One Thing You Need - SERMON

When we focus on what we don't have, we focus on ourselves. We'll never find eternal life if it's only our own interests that concern us. Read the sermon here.

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The Good Old Days - SERMON

This past week was tough; it dredged up a lifetime of memories. These memories teach us to be angry and afraid to the point that we know exactly what Jesus meant by the hell where the worms don't die and the fire never goes out. Yet we Jesus-followers are people of hope. Rather than hope for a quick death, as Moses did, we need to discover how to be filled with all joy and peace in faith, overflowing with hope in the power of the Holy Spirit. Read the sermon…


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Double-Minded - SERMON

Which way do you want it? "The one who dies with the most toys wins," or "The first shall be last and the servant of all." Take your time to decide. Just know that trying to do both simply won't work.

Find the sermon manuscript here

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Who Should Eat Off the Floor? - SERMON

The ones we're so ready to make eat off the floor - are we sure that's where God wants them to be? Or, is it just more comfortable for us if they know their place, keep quiet, and leave us to be alone with others who think like we do? Find the sermon here.

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What Will I DO? - SERMON

When we die, other people get our stuff, often arguing about it. But the stuff doesn't care who owns it. And most stuff disappears sooner or later, anyway. So why would anyone live just to get more and more stuff?  There's a better way to answer the question of what to do with our lives. Find the sermon here.

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Revive Us Again - SERMON

The systems of the world seem to be encouraging people to get meaner and meaner. You can almost smell the brimstone. The Church has one job: disrupting this hellish system by incarnating the Holy Spirit of love, giving others a glimpse of the Reign of God by the way we live. Read the sermon here, listen to it…


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Love Works - SERMON

"Love isn't something you feel, it's something you do." That bit of pop psychology is actually really good theology. In other words, love works. Love rolls up its sleeves and gets busy, and love is effective, it changes things. Yup. Read or listen to the sermon here; watch the service here; the Gospel reading begins at…


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The Snake's Game - SERMON

Have you ever had your inner Pharisee rise up, that religious Olympian focused on winning, besting all others? I sure have. But . . . why are we even in a competition for God's regard and grace? Read the sermon here, listen to it…


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Celebrate! - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

When we can find ways to celebrate even the adversity that has marked our lives, we will discover that the Lord is able to use all of our experiences - the mistakes and hardships as well as the gifts and successes - to fit us for the service of the Reign of God.  Read the sermon here, listen to it…


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