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When I first began exploring what I now call TWINE, I said that in the church of the future, leadership would be “shared” among clergy and layfolk, and also among the various groups of laypeople involved in the community. I think I may have been overly optimistic about the role of clergy in many of the… Continue

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“Where, then, is the authority?” This is Phyllis Tickle’s Big Question for TWINE* She postulates that the sources of authority have been different for the various eras and expressions of the Church. According to Phyllis, as a consequence of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century, those who left the Roman Catholic church traded a human pope for a paper one: the Bible. That didn’t mean that there was no more pope, or that what the pope had to say wasn’t important; it just meant that the… Continue

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In just moments, I leave for many, many weeks away from my home - almost 2 months. I’ve made lots of plans, imposed on a ton of people who are part of those plans, met new people electronically whom I hope will become friends in reality, and I’ve tried to pack lightly. (When one is traveling by car, this is difficult, because the temptation is to throw everything in that one might need.) I'll generally be going up the Eastern seaboard, into upstate New York, and back home through… Continue

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Hey Becky

Ok, so I'm signed up and thus another step closer to 2007. Enjoyed the article by Karen Ward and I signed up for Anglimergent as well. How come you ain't told me 'bout that'n?

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For the past two Sundays, I went to friends' churches and had delightful, welcoming experiences at both. This week, I figured it was time once to get back into "road trip" mode and go somewhere new - and as a stranger. Also, I wanted to try a congregation that doesn't own a building. That seems sort of "emergent," right?

I'd heard about Celebration Community Beach Church, which meets in a public park in the heart of… Continue

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I celebrated my 55th birthday this week.

By the time my mother was 55, she had been a grandmother for about 2 years. Many of my friends who are my age are grandparents, and they love it. I guess it's fortunate for me that neither of our children appear to be in imminent danger of parenthood, because I'm just not ready to acquire the august status of "grandma." On that note, my dad had the funniest line; when Sarah (our oldest) was born, he said, "I like the idea of being a grandpa,… Continue

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This phase of my sabbatical is about rest, and I’ll give myself a B or B- in that department so far.

A few of things I have done to rest:

1. I’ve read two books, and I’m in the middle of a third, by Mark Schweizer, who writes “liturgical mysteries.” The protagonist is the police chief of St. Germaine, NC – evidently a couple of mountains over from Mitford. The chief is also the part-time organist and choir director at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Sound too much… Continue

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There's a wonderful blog post today called Doing Church, written by Kayla McClurg from Church of the Saviour in Washington, D.C. Kayla reminds us of Annie Dillard's admonition that "Church" is not a place to wear straw hats and gloves, but crash helmets and life preservers.

Speaking of life preservers makes me aware of the Gulf right outside my back door. It's smooth and… Continue

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OK, four services in one day is a lot, even for a religious professional. Especially when they are all very, very different from each other.

First I went to the 7:30 service at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Vestavia Hills, where my friend, the Rev. Stephen Hood, is rector. The service was Rite I, the Trinity Sunday sermon (by the associate rector, the Rev. David Hall) was quite good, and the ambiance was lovely. Everything… Continue

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Saturday was a day of contrasts.

I began the morning at the Community Church without Walls garden (scroll down to Sept. 18, 2008). They have transformed a former weedy lot into an organic garden - which I wrote about a week or two ago. I spent several hours working with other volunteers to spread compost, weed, and share stories. I haven't really gardened… Continue

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Yesterday morning I spent a delightful time chatting with folks at Disciples Fellowship in Hoover, Alabama. The pastor, Greg Newton, graciously let me hijack his morning to talk with me more about the dynamics of the fellowship. I had a great BBQ lunch (at the Golden Rule BBQ) with Steve Duncan of DF, sharing life stories and observations. Then back at DF I struck up a conversation with… Continue

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What’s it like to touch the face of God?

My dad – a fighter pilot – has had the poem High Flight framed and hung in his office since I can remember.

High Flight

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth

Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things

You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung

High in the sunlit… Continue

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OK, so yesterday was just fine. It was a travel day; I was driving from my parents' to Fayetteville, TN. On the way I stopped in Cincinnati to meet my friend the Rev. David Bailey, one of the people I was ordained with. We met at St. Arbuck's in an area that was a corn field when I moved to Ohio. That made me feel old. But talking with David made me feel great.

The drive to Fayetteville was easy, with the sun finally breaking through… Continue

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Trinity Episcopal Church, “An House of Prayer for All People,” was a spiritual oasis for me for several years when I worked in downtown Columbus, Ohio. When I was offered the opportunity to do my field education there during seminary, I was thrilled. I served there for about four years (I took my sweet time getting through school – most people have 2 years of field ed) and learned a ton about parish life, pastoral life, and urban ministry… Continue

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I want to make sure anyone who reads this knows that TODAY is Gus’ and my 33rd wedding anniversary. I think that’s an amazing and wonderful thing. We’ve had our rough patches over the decades, but I can honestly say I love and appreciate him more now than I did in 1976. That we are not together on our anniversary is something of a tradition, actually. For the first three years of our marriage we were in the middle of law school finals on this date and only blearily snarled an appropriate… Continue

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I arrived at my parents’ house north of Columbus, Ohio, on Monday evening, and I’ve been reveling in family and old friends for the past few days. My sister and her two boys were here from California, and we spent one evening playing cutthroat Parcheesi. The kids won – handily. I’m OK with that, I really am. Honest. I don’t have a competitive bone in my body. The fact that they left today without an rematch is just wrong, but grace abounds.

Anyway, being “home” has been great, but… Continue

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Becky's Visit

Terri, Erica and I were blessed to have Becky stay with us from the 21st to the 25th. We had a wonderful time. She spoke at our weekly Friday night Theological Discussion Group, toured the campus of The University of the South, School of Theology, worshipped with us on Sunday and most important, shared her journey with us. She is awesome. May God continue to bless you on your journey Becky.


Eric, Terri, Erica
Duchess, Duke, Harley and Niles

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Sunday morning I put on a clerical collar for the first time since May 3rd and went to St. Mary Magdalene in Fayetteville, TN, which is where Lamb of God’s Episcopal seminarian, Eric Cooter, does his field education.

Nestled within a block or two of the hulking fortresses of several conservative, evangelical churches, the exquisite St. Mary’s seems at once both quaint and defiant. Made of old, local stone, with red doors and simple stained… Continue

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My sabbatical re-search has two aspects: one is to converse with TWINE* groups, and the other is to speak about what I’m learning with those within my “tribe,” i.e., those who are more likely to self-identify as belonging to a conventional congregation such as Lamb of God Church. This blog is part of that second aspect. In addition, before I started out I had been invited to give presentations to a couple of groups along the way, and those, too, were part of that second aspect.

Last… Continue

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When someone asks what kind of dog our family beast, Max, is, I sometimes simply say, “Yes.” She shares the features of so many breeds that we’ve given up trying to figure it out exactly which ones. She’s just a “Yes.” But whatever all is in there, she’s still a dog.

One thing that is for sure is that this whole emergent thing is not a purebred, it’s not a product, program, plan, or prescription. I’ve visited 3 groups in 5 days, and each one is really, really different from the other… Continue

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