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Becky's Visit

Terri, Erica and I were blessed to have Becky stay with us from the 21st to the 25th. We had a wonderful time. She spoke at our weekly Friday night Theological Discussion Group, toured the campus of The University of the South, School of Theology, worshipped with us on Sunday and most important, shared her journey with us. She is awesome. May God continue to bless you on your journey Becky.


Eric, Terri, Erica
Duchess, Duke, Harley and Niles

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Sunday morning I put on a clerical collar for the first time since May 3rd and went to St. Mary Magdalene in Fayetteville, TN, which is where Lamb of God’s Episcopal seminarian, Eric Cooter, does his field education.

Nestled within a block or two of the hulking fortresses of several conservative, evangelical churches, the exquisite St. Mary’s seems at once both quaint and defiant. Made of old, local stone, with red doors and simple stained… Continue

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My sabbatical re-search has two aspects: one is to converse with TWINE* groups, and the other is to speak about what I’m learning with those within my “tribe,” i.e., those who are more likely to self-identify as belonging to a conventional congregation such as Lamb of God Church. This blog is part of that second aspect. In addition, before I started out I had been invited to give presentations to a couple of groups along the way, and those, too, were part of that second aspect.

Last… Continue

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When someone asks what kind of dog our family beast, Max, is, I sometimes simply say, “Yes.” She shares the features of so many breeds that we’ve given up trying to figure it out exactly which ones. She’s just a “Yes.” But whatever all is in there, she’s still a dog.

One thing that is for sure is that this whole emergent thing is not a purebred, it’s not a product, program, plan, or prescription. I’ve visited 3 groups in 5 days, and each one is really, really different from the other… Continue

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Right now I am sitting in the wonderful family home of Lee and Dave Pastor in Birmingham, Alabama. Until 4:00 this afternoon, when I came up their driveway, we had never met each other, yet now I am a guest in their home. How did this happen? Let me tell you about it . . .

In March I was making my plans for where to visit during my sabbatical. I already knew I wanted to visit the Community Church without… Continue

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Saturday was my first day visiting an honest-to-God self-acknowledging Emergent Village cohort, this one in Tampa. I left my home bright and early to be there by 10:30, trusting my GPS and the cohort convener’s (Warren Pattison) Facebook picture to make sure I got to the right place and with the right folks.

When I arrived in Historic Ybor City… Continue

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From Monday through Friday this past week I was on retreat at Mother of God House of Prayer in Alva, Florida - not far from my home. I have made basically the same retreat most of the years I've been here: I meet with my spiritual director for an short talk during the day, and the rest of the time I'm silent.

That does not mean I'm not busy, however. The grounds are on a creek that eventually feeds into the Caloosahatchee River, and they have a… Continue

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Yesterday was my first bit of emergence tourism. A few years back Diana Butler Bass wrote a wonderful book, Christianity for the Rest of Us. She did in-depth studies of a dozen or so “vital” congregations that were focused on mission and community rather than doctrinal precision. All of the churches were “conventional” in the sense that they had buildings, ordained leadership, and were part of some denomination or another. However, all of these places were intent on moving beyond the… Continue

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Scorpio fills the southwestern morning sky just before sunrise. It is a magnificent constellation - huge, with a great sweep of stars and a marvelous curled tail.

Back in college, when I was a happy little agnostatheist (I'm not sure that's a real word, but I think you get the idea: I wasn't convinced that there was a God - and pretty much hoped there wasn't - but I wasn't convinced there wasn't one, either, and had better be careful), I took a fantastic astronomy course taught by… Continue

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OK, I'm not going to write every day - only on the days I have something to say.

Sunday started out fairly typically: way early in the morning, I was racing around uploading my sermon Power Point, which included trying to get an embedded YouTube video to play. I mastered this feat of pastoral technogeekdom at the very last minute, so before the early service began I didn't have too much time to reflect about how my sabbatical would start as soon as the three worship services… Continue

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We're All In This Together - Sermon

We're All In This Together May 3, 2009 - Year B, Easter 4 We're All in This Together.pdf

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Last week I wrote about how I had been hoarding books, and that my goal was to eliminate two entire bookcases worth of books by May 1.

I am happy to report that I have accomplished my goal, and that I have also rearranged the office furniture and done a LOT of dusting. That feels pretty darned good.

But I cannot revel too much in my accomplishment, because the people of Lamb of God have one-upped me big time.

You see, going through all those books was about me,… Continue

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For months now I've been working hard planning my sabbatical. It begins in about 2 weeks. So it might seem strange that, when I went into my office the Tuesday after Easter Sunday, what I thought about was how things would be for me when I return. As I looked around the space I saw many items that represent my past: mementos, photographs, papers, and books. Which of these did I want to have greeting me on September 1st?

Not many.

I found two lidded bins and put the gew… Continue

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I Arise Today - Sermon

I Arise Today April 12, 2009 - Year B, Easter I Arise Today 04-12-09.pdf

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It happened again. I was in the middle of my morning ritual, which starts off with a cup of coffee and sitting quietly, listening to the waves and trying to still my mind, blessing and releasing distracting thoughts. Then I remembered something I just had to do on my computer. It was something I was doing for someone else, see, and I must jump up and do it right now.

So I go to my iGoogle page to access my email to do this thing I must do, and glance at my RSS feeds. A… Continue

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“The greatest gift a priest can give is to share how the priest’s relationship with God is growing and deepening.” Stan Corwin, Spiritual Director.

As I prepare to take my sabbatical from May 3 through August 31, I thought it would be wise to explain the Church’s understanding of clergy renewal programs. People from Lamb of God who experienced Walter’s sabbatical in 2003 are already aware of much of this, but we have gathered many new friends around us since… Continue

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"Karpos kalos" means, in Greek, "fruit good". I chose the term (but with English syntax!) for three reasons. First, at Lamb of God Church we have consistently relied on the passage in John 15 where Jesus calls on his disciples to abide in him and bear fruit. The adventure I'm beginning is in the context of the love and support being given to me by my community at Lamb of God, and I hope that what I am doing is fruit that honors them and glorifies God.

A second reason I chose the term… Continue

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Did You Know [Lost Generation] - Sermon

Did You Know? [Lost Generation] March 15, 2009, Year B, Lent 3…

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Wonderful Dust - Sermon

Wonderful Dust February 25, 2009, Year B, Ash Wednesday Wonderful Dust 02-25-09.pdf

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