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December 2012 Blog Posts (5)

The Deep End of the Pool - SERMON

When Jesus jumped into the deep waters to save us, he didn't drain the pool, or yank us out of the water; he taught us to swim.  Through baptism and the life of faith, we don't escape human life, we become confident enough to swim in  The Deep End of the Pool.

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Pregnancy Preparation - SERMON

 In Advent - we remember year after year after year - that Creation is pregnant with Christ, who will come again with power and glory to heal the world. A faithful, hopeful church takes Pregnancy Preparations very, very seriously.

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Mind the Gap - SERMON

God's plan for Creation is love and grace. Humanity's plan is the insistence that we have the right to do as we please. There's a pretty big gap between the two. Conversion is the very serious process of learning to Mind the Gap

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Never Give Up! Never Surrender! - SERMON

People fuss at God for taking so long to get the job of fixing things DONE already. But God has to wonder whether 5000+ years for us to get it right isn't long enough! How grateful we need to be that God continues to be have faith in us, all evidence to our unreliability notwithstanding. This Advent, we need to adopt God's motto (totally cribbed from the crew of the NSEA Protector in Galaxy Quest): …


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Wait Until Your Father Gets Home! - SERMON

Wait Until Your Father Gets Home! Does hearing this fill you with a feeling of joy or dread? It probably depends on whom you think is coming back: a loving God who loves to be with us, or an angry God who's fixing to punish us.

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