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December 2010 Blog Posts (4)

Don't Make Me Come Down There - SERMON

It seems that many religious types assume God would, on the whole, rather be anyplace else than with us, and the implicit message is that now that God has been with us once, we'd best behave or he'll come back to kick tail.  What if God can't "come" to us at Christmas, because there is no place that's outside God?  How would that affect what Christmas signifies? And, what if God actually likes to be with us? How would that change our theology? Those are thoughts I explored on Christmas… Continue

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The Advent of Shalom - SERMON

We've lit the candles of hope, love, joy and, this week, peace.  Shalom.  Barbara Cawthorne Crafton noted some 6 years ago, "we never seem to wage peace as energetically as we wage war, or as shrewdly."  I got to thinking what it looked like when people "wage peace."  I started with Joseph, in The Advent of Shalom 12-19-10.pdf


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The Advent of Hilaritas - SERMON

When the Disney channel first came on cable some 20 years ago, they aired a claymation series based on the writings of Mark Twain. It was quite wonderful. One episode was based on Twain's Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven. Not too long after that, I found the book in a used book store and read it. There is one scene that has stuck with me ever since. The protagonist asked an angel the name of greatest military genius who ever was. The angel said that it was a bricklayer from…


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The Advent of Sin and Wrath - SERMON

We don't like to hear about sin and wrath too much in our intellectual, mainline Christianity. Words like these make us squirm with vague guilt, strike as as ham-handed attempts at psychological coercion, or make us smile smugly at such quaint notions from a less enlightened spirituality. In preparing this sermon, I reread the Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor's thought-provoking book, Speaking of Sin, and decided that we needed to deal with the concepts head on in… Continue

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