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November 2017 Blog Posts (3)

The Human One - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

Jesus - fully human and fully divine! That's what our Church teaches. So, what is a "fully human" person like? In looking at the life of Jesus, we see humanity as it was meant to be. He was available, generous, a "man for others." He was not at all concerned with acquiring, feathering his next, or dying with the most toys. Whom should Christians emulate: the Human One, or the various politicians, celebrities and world figures vying to be the King (or Queen) of the Hill? Watch the sermon …


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What Are We Waiting For? - SERMON

Some readings are perplexing! Time and again, Jesus tells people to share, to travel light, to avoid attachments to stuff. How can it be that stingy bridesmaids are "wise."  Maybe the lesson is not about the oil, eh? Maybe it's about choices and consequences. Read the sermon here, listen to it …


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Welcome Home - SERMON

We humans are so eager to divide into competing camps! Why are we so threatened by the idea that folks who are not like us still long to spend eternity around the very same Throne of Grace in the same way that WE long for it? Isn't God's sheltering, shepherding, healing home big enough for ALL the Saints? Read the sermon here, listen to it…


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