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November 2010 Blog Posts (6)

God's Modus Operandi - SERMON

When I was a practicing attorney, I hated TV shows and movies based on lawyers. Either the "artistic license" got the whole thing so scrambled it was unbelievable, or it was so realistic I felt I might as well just go to work where I'd get paid! (The only exception to this general grump is one fantastic movie: My Cousin Vinny.) Nonetheless, there's some stuff they do get right on cop and lawyer shows: every perp has an MO, a modus operandi, a typical way of doing things. The…

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The Fractal Cross - SERMON

Way back in August, I found a picture on the internet of a more-or-less fractal cross. (You fractal purists can give me a hard time, but it has at least the potential of becoming a fractal design.) My intuition told me to use it as the bulletin cover for my September sermon series "Becoming the Church Together." However, it proved a rich point of meditation for me during the past 5 weeks as well, as I prayed about what I think God is calling this congregation to be and do. On Christ the… Continue

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The Céilidh of the Good Shepherd - SERMON

Dunedin is all about its Scottish heritage, and I'm gradually learning a bit about it. My friend, mentor, and Canon to the Ordinary in my diocese is a tartan-blooded Scot named Michael Durning. He told me that in auld Alba (i.e., Scotland), a "céilidh" was a village gathering where the entertainment was exactly what the rural villagers could provide to each other from their own ranks - sort of a mixture of talent show, pot luck and dance.… Continue

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Dear God, Love Meredith

Sorry about the "square" on the post... the box is actually a picture of this little girl hugging her dog who is a great big black lab. Get out the kleenex...



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Adventures in Missing the Point - SERMON

I love to read both Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo, and once while surfing Amazon came across their book entitled Adventures in Missing the Point. I didn't get the book, but I thought the title was marvelous and seemed to characterize so much of what religious types fuss so energetically about in the Church today. So, I borrowed McLaren and Campolo's title this week for my sermon title.

In the Gospel lesson, the Sadducees want to focus on what it's like in heaven. A…

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Holy Humor!

This is cute....out of the mouths of babes...

A father was approached by his young son who proudly professed to him, "I KNOW what the Bible means, Dad!" His father smiled down at him and said, "What do you mean son, when you say you KNOW what the bible means?" His son said excitedly, "I DO, Dad, I DO know what the Bible means!" His Dad was bewildered and said, "OK son, tell me...what does the Bible mean?"

"That's easy, Daddy," the young boy said looking up to his father, " it… Continue

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