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October 2016 Blog Posts (5)

Do the Right Thing - SERMON

Salvation . . . is not about where we spend eternity so much as how we live our lives right here and right now. Do we live our lives following the ethics of the two great commandments, or do we look out for number one for 70 or 80 years in the conviction that God will be pleased because we said the right prayers at some point? If Jesus were to answer that question by saying, "Do the right thing," which life do you think he'd mean? Listen to the sermon…


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$20 Dog on a $1000 Rug-SERMON

A fellow named Allen Levi sings $20 Dog, which is all about grace. A scared, wet dog gets help because his master is good, not because the dog is. It's just the same for us. The Lord justifies us, welcomes us, heals us, because the Lord is good, not because we are. That is the beautiful truth the tax collector believed, and the hard lesson the Pharisee has to learn. Listen to the sermon…


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Transformation by Reconciliation - SERMON by Cindy Roehl

To be "reconciled" means to be brought together, untied, repaired, mended, made whole. It stands to reason that when we've been torn asunder, separated, disjointed, harmed and then experience wholeness, unity, and health, we will feel transformed. It is so with bodies; it is so with relationships; it is so with our entire sphere of being. Reconciling God and humanity is the work of Christ, the Church, and each of God's people and, in so doing, Creation is transformed. Listen to Deacon…


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Everything is Different - SERMON

"Oh, it's just talk." "Boys will be boys." We've heard those platitudes to excuse behavior. My grandmother used to say, however, that you can tell the true nature of someone by looking at how they speak and act when they think no one is listening. Conversion to faith in Christ isn't about accepting intellectual propositions and putting on a good show, it is about changing our very nature, from being self-absorbed to being as much like Christ as we can imagine being - 24/7/365. With…


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What's in a Name? - SERMON

God told the first human to name the animals. St. Francis called all things - whether animal, vegetable or mineral - either "Brother" or "Sister," and treated them accordingly. What a contrast with what we do so often today! In our arrogance and fear, we dare to use names to shame, degrade, diminish, and control the very creatures and creation of God. It seems we need to learn more from our companion animals how we should live. Listen to the sermon …


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