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September 2018 Blog Posts (4)

The Good Old Days - SERMON

This past week was tough; it dredged up a lifetime of memories. These memories teach us to be angry and afraid to the point that we know exactly what Jesus meant by the hell where the worms don't die and the fire never goes out. Yet we Jesus-followers are people of hope. Rather than hope for a quick death, as Moses did, we need to discover how to be filled with all joy and peace in faith, overflowing with hope in the power of the Holy Spirit. Read the sermon…


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Double-Minded - SERMON

Which way do you want it? "The one who dies with the most toys wins," or "The first shall be last and the servant of all." Take your time to decide. Just know that trying to do both simply won't work.

Find the sermon manuscript here

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Who Should Eat Off the Floor? - SERMON

The ones we're so ready to make eat off the floor - are we sure that's where God wants them to be? Or, is it just more comfortable for us if they know their place, keep quiet, and leave us to be alone with others who think like we do? Find the sermon here.

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What Will I DO? - SERMON

When we die, other people get our stuff, often arguing about it. But the stuff doesn't care who owns it. And most stuff disappears sooner or later, anyway. So why would anyone live just to get more and more stuff?  There's a better way to answer the question of what to do with our lives. Find the sermon here.

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