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September 2013 Blog Posts (5)

Back to the Future - SERMON

What can we learn from those pesky, noisy children that bother our holy, quiet contemplation in church? The most important thing of all: how to get Back to the Future that God intends for all of Creation.

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What We Can Learn From Con Men

The most pathetic cons are the cons who cons themselves, because they've lost the ability to tell garbage from Truth. To keep them straight, Jesus suggests a surprising tactic, and his parable this week tells us What We Can Learn From Con Men.

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The Power of One - SERMON

The Power of One: one shepherd, one sheep; one woman, one coin. Each makes a difference, each is precious to the One God.

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The New Normal - SERMON

Moses and Jesus say it differently, but they are doing the same thing: calling the people of God to an entirely different way of living than they have ever lived before. If they give their lives to The New Normal, they'll change the world.

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I Will NOT Be Afraid - SERMON

Fear sells. What if we don't buy? What if we do what the letter to the Hebrews says, and take as an article of faith that the Lord is my helper, and I Will NOT Be Afraid. We just might find another way of dealing with the problems of the world.

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