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August 2017 Blog Posts (4)

Preferential Treatment - SERMON

I've heard American Christians claim that Christianity is under attack in this country. What they really mean is that their way of believing in God is no longer getting preferential treatment here. But that's all backward. Christians should not be GETTING better treatment, they should be GIVING it, and in so doing countering the forces of death and hell. Read the sermon here or listen…


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Reaching Up, Reaching Out, Reconciling - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

We long for a solid relationship with God, where we are reconciled, open and honest in our relationship. God longs for exactly the same with us, too. But God in Christ stretched out his arms on the cross to bring the whole world into his saving embrace, not just me. Or you. To be faithful, we need to seek the same kind of relationship with each other, as reconciliation is the "work of Christ" in a nutshell. Listen to the sermon…


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Spiritual Pursuit versus Material Pursuit

Disquiet is a manifestation of discontent. How does this mental state come to prevail? The reason is that all individuals are born with an unlimited desire for enjoyment, without however, having any great capacity to fulfil this desire. It is this shortcoming in human nature that makes people live their lives in a state of mental agitation.

Is it a defect in human nature which is to blame for this? Not at all. It is simply people’s unawareness of…


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A Boat on Seething Seas - SERMON

The Church is supposed to be a boat bringing the miracle of hope, healing, and love to a world foundering in seething seas of our shattered, fearful, death-saturated lives, even if we don't like the other people in the world - or even the other people in the boat. Listen to the sermon here or read it…


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