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April 2012 Blog Posts (4)

What's Our Song? - SERMON

This week was a "process" week - trying to get some clarity on our ministry focus.  It involves dots on paper; anyone who has gone through any kind of corporate goal development has been loaded up with dots.  But, this is important stuff, the culmination of over 6 months of work.  I asked them what possible ministries got them EXCITED.  I even asked the guests and newcomers to take part; "The Spirit invited you here, so let the Spirit guide your dots," I said.  Each area of ministry had a…


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Show Me Your Scars - SERMON

Thomas wanted to see Jesus' scars to satisfy himself that Jesus was the same man who lived among them for three years healing, forgiving, feeding, and raising the dead.  Those are the works that constituted Jesus' godly life, and living that godly life is what got him those scars.  What if Jesus said to us, Show Me Your Scars? Would we even have any scars that came from godly…


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What if We Weren't Afraid? - SERMON

People who are not afraid can do . . . anything they set their minds to.  Our culture actually sells and foments fear, and we are an increasingly fear-filled people.  But we're Christians!  What if, because of that, we lived differently? What if We Weren't Afraid?

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S.E.N.T. for Good - SERMON

On Palm Sunday, we begin to face the perennial Christian question: Why did the Father send the Son to die? And what difference does it make in how we live that Jesus was S.E.N.T. for Good?

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