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March 2011 Blog Posts (4)

Jesus Gives a Tutorial on Dignity - SERMON

Promises, promises. In the Episcopal Church, when we are baptized, we promise to "respect the dignity of every human being." As our social and religious discourse continues to devolve into polarizing belligerence, our need to take this covenant seriously is becoming critical. How to do it? In today's lesson about the Woman at the Well, Jesus Gives a Tutorial on Dignity .

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Choosing Eternal Life - SERMON

Born again . . . born from above . . . eternal life.  How is it that Christ's words of power, promise and purpose have become litmus tests for theological purity? Hmmm.  It being Lent, I guess I'll have to got with "sin." Even if I don't agree with some of my brothers and sisters about how they use these terms, I do think we need to make a "decision for Christ," although perhaps not the same way they mean it, when … Continue

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Twisting Good into Evil - SERMON

The ability to be tempted, to be able to choose between "good and evil," is inherent to the unique human attribute of free will.  Were Adam and Eve "human" before they had this kind of knowledge? How about babies? (Though Mark Twain says his first lie was crying when he was not hungry, just to get some attention.)  Well, theological hypotheticals notwithstanding, if you're reading this, you're fully human, and you're daily faced with the temptation of … Continue

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Step by Step - SERMON

Transfiguration Sunday is not so much about how Jesus changes, but how Peter, James and John are utterly transformed.  They move, step by step, from knowing what they know, to avoiding anything new, to profound fear of the new thing, to a radically different place.  We all go on our spiritual journeys in exactly the same way:  Step by Step (03-06-11).pdf

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