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January 2011 Blog Posts (7)

17+10=CD Pray. Read. Tell. - SERMON

I know most people feel vaguely guilty about not praying more, and not reading more scripture.  How many feel a sense of "ought" about being able to tell their own faith story?  I figure since Episcopal priests have to do it every time we turn around, it might be good to expand the repertoire and get more "normal" stories into the mix.  At any rate, in 17+10=CD Pray. Read. Tell.… Continue

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17+10=CD - Introduction - SERMON

In your mind, when you hear "Stewardship," is it synonymous with "giving money"?  I'm trying to unhinge the two concepts - or at least place "giving money" into its proper perspective as just one aspect of one's faith walk.  The best description of the term I ever heard was "Stewardship is everything you do with your life after you say 'I believe in God. . . '"  I'm talking about this over four weeks, in a sermon series called 17+10=CD.… Continue

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Boarding Pass - SERMON

I didn't deal with the anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, or the shootings in Tucson, in last week's sermon - for good and sufficient reasons.  One of them was the providence of God, because before having my say I got to listen to Jon Stewart's comments about Tucson on The Daily Show. That helped me form the nub of my message in this week's sermon, Boarding Pass 01-16-11.pdf

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you gotta love Jesus...

If you love Jesus you'll LOVE this YouTube video... 

it'll make you smile, and warm your heart at the same time!


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Member me, please?

Looking forward to the NEW MEMBER class this evening and becoming a member of the family at Church of the Good Shepard. I feel that my search for a new home in a church stopped at Good Shepard because God was saving the best for me, for last.

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Total Immersion - SERMON

I love it!  Today we are baptized a young man and a baby - unrelated by blood or marriage, but now part of the one Church family.  This is when it's the most fun to be a priest - as long as I don't think too much about how dysfunctional our Church (not my congregation, but the Big C Church) family often is.  … Continue

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Teaching Jesus - SERMON

In the comics on New Year's Day was a Non Sequiter panel that purported to give the origins of the "Invention of Religion."  A man standing in front of a statue of himself is saying to a couple curious about this invention: "OK, here's how it works. . . First, you never question anything I tell you."  What a wilting assessment of modern American Christianity.

However, I don't believe blind acceptance is what faith is about, nor do I believe that doubts and questions are the…


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