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Till All the World Give Back the Sound - SERMON+

Spending 5 minutes on what happened on Palm Sunday just isn't enough. So, here at Good Shepherd, we go through not just the story of Palm Sunday, but the entire prophetic and theological context. We weave together passages from the Old and New Testaments, with reflections (basically, the sermon broken into a bunch of sections) and songs into a tapestry of meaning. That's why we do it a week early. Read the sermon+…


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I Must Stay in Your Home Today - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

God loves us just as we are, but also calls us to our truest, best self. Deep down, most of us already know how that truest, best self would act. Jesus helps us discover and live into that. Listen to the sermon here or watch the service…


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Do we really trust God's Grace? If so, why do we think this gift is limited? That it's only for people who are "good"? And what is "good," anyway? Who gets to decide that? You? Really?

Read the sermon here, listen to it…


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Bunkers or Bread? - SERMON

America doesn't have a problem with gun violence. America has a problem with violence, period. It is shredding our common life, our hearts, and spirits. Jesus did not have a problem with violence. So, to whom should Christians in this country be listening? Read the sermon here, listen to it…


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You're the Christians. Do Something - SERMON

Will the carnage ever end? First, we need to be very clear what we actually want. If we like the system we have, where it's all about us and we get what we want when we want it, no change is necessary. If we want to be part of God's mission for the world, the mission of being good news to the poor, freeing prisoners, healing the blind and ending oppression, everything must change.  Read the sermon…


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Make Me Hear - SERMON

This Ash Wednesday, we begin our journey through Luke and Acts. But, we start with the traditional psalm of Ash Wednesday, Psalm 51. At one point, the psalmist prays: Make me hear. 

The prayer to be able to listen, with our ears as we hear, and with our eyes as we read, is our guiding prayer this Lent, and the perfect segue from last week's "advice" to "Listen to Jesus."

Read the sermon…


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Listen to Jesus - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

The path forward during Lent is discerning to whom we should listen, and when it might just be best to keep our own mouths shut. Joining Pope Francis, Deacon Cindy encourages us to spend this Lent doing as God told Peter, James, and John to do: "Listen to Jesus." Read the sermon here or…


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Partners in the Good News - SERMON

One of the most important dimensions of being human is the quality of our relationships. A Church community fosters both our relationship with God and our connections with each other. This Lent, we are inviting everyone into The Good Book Club, reading Luke and Acts together from the Sunday before Lent to Pentecost - February 11 to May 20. The hope is that in doing this, we will become Partners in the Good News that we are loved by the Love that will never let us go, and that all…


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Grant Us a Vision, Lord - SERMON

Where are we going? How will we know how to get there? These aren't just questions for how to get to Disney World, they are questions a church community needs to ask and answer in order to create the future into which God is calling us. Read the sermon here, listen to it…


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Check Your Messages - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

God has been calling humanity for thousands of years to live Good News lives. Some listen, some don't.  You can tell the ones who listen: they not only talk about hope, grace, and love, they do them. Read Deacon Cindy Roehl's sermon here or listen to it sermon …


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Take One Step - SERMON

The Magi are the perfect exemplars of the faith journey: they stepped out into the unknown, searching for something they couldn't even describe, but they left everything they knew to discover. When's the last time you took your faith journey that seriously? Is it time to take another step? Read the sermon…


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Say the Name of Jesus - SERMON by Cindy Roehl

Today, on the threshold of 2018, we celebrate the birth and naming of the baby whose birth names the years. This "little tiny child" grew up and is claimed to be nothing less than God. Rather than an unapproachable, remote, ineffable, awe-inspiring deity, however, we are told by the angels of heaven to call on him: to go ahead and say the name of Jesus. Listen to Deacon Cindy Roehl's sermon…


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A Robe for Christmas - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

Most robes are about our comfort. This robe is about how God sees us. Listen to the sermon here; the service hasn't been uploaded to the YouTube channel yet. 

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Pot Holes and Garbage Heaps - SERMON by the Rev. Anne Robbins

What do we need to do to get ready? Deal with the obstacles! Access the service here. The sermon begins at 20:00.

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Jesus is Coming. Look Busy. - SERMON

What we sing and talk about at Christmas is getting ready for the birth of a baby. What we really need to do, though, is ask ourselves whether we actually believe. In God. At all. Otherwise, there is no point in waiting for anything much new to happen.  Read the sermon here, listen to it …


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The Human One - SERMON by Deacon Cindy Roehl

Jesus - fully human and fully divine! That's what our Church teaches. So, what is a "fully human" person like? In looking at the life of Jesus, we see humanity as it was meant to be. He was available, generous, a "man for others." He was not at all concerned with acquiring, feathering his next, or dying with the most toys. Whom should Christians emulate: the Human One, or the various politicians, celebrities and world figures vying to be the King (or Queen) of the Hill? Watch the sermon …


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What Are We Waiting For? - SERMON

Some readings are perplexing! Time and again, Jesus tells people to share, to travel light, to avoid attachments to stuff. How can it be that stingy bridesmaids are "wise."  Maybe the lesson is not about the oil, eh? Maybe it's about choices and consequences. Read the sermon here,…


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Welcome Home - SERMON

We humans are so eager to divide into competing camps! Why are we so threatened by the idea that folks who are not like us still long to spend eternity around the very same Throne of Grace in the same way that WE long for it? Isn't God's sheltering, shepherding, healing home big enough for ALL the Saints? Read the sermon …


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Begging for Reformation - SERMON

A pitfall of having your Episcopal priest graduate from a Lutheran seminary is that she's pretty fond of the last Sunday in October, thinking that the work of Reformation begun 500 years ago by Martin Luther should carry on a bit longer. Read the sermon here, listen to the sermon …


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It's a Good Day - SERMON

What's your definition of a "good day"? Mine is a day when I learn something. I've learned a LOT recently. Read the sermon here or listen to it here or watch the whole…


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